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About Our Program

The CIRC Program seeks to provide community college students with research experiences and academic enhancement training that will empower them to make a difference in their local communities and prepare themselves for science and health professional careers. The goal of the CIRC program is to increase the number of community college students from underrepresented groups who are prepared to pursue research careers in the biomedical sciences.

The CIRC Program has two-components: 1)10-week Summer Research Program and 

2)Year-round Pathway to Research Careers Continuum. The Summer Research Program will take place under the supervision of research mentors at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Participants will engage in a hands-on research project under the guidance of an established researcher working in areas related to cardiovascular disease and/or prevention. The Summer Research Program will begin with a one-week Research Fundamentals Boot Camp to prepare the students to make the most of their research experience. During the following academic school year, students will participate in an Academic Enrichment Program designed to help them successfully transfer to a four-year college or university and continue their education with the ultimate goal of a scientific research career.

Specific benefits of the CIRC program include:

• Mentorship from a successful UCLA researcher

• Mentorship from a near-peer advisor who is enrolled at a 4-year college/university

• Participation in scientific and educational workshops

• Enhancement of research skills

• Intensive guidance and support to assist with transferring to a 4-year college/university

• Enhancement of academic skills to pursue a career in research and/or medicine

• Opportunity to attend conferences such as the national meeting of the American Heart Association, with registration and travel expenses covered

• Participation in our Annual CIRC Research Symposium

• Receive a stipend of at least $4,800

***Please Note: CIRC is NOT a residential Program. Housing is not Provided.

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